Spain: Judicial and medical workers launch strike in Madrid

Photo: Eduardo Parra/Europa Press via Getty Images

Spanish judicial and medical workers launched a strike in the capital city of Madrid on Thursday, demanding a pay increase amid rising costs of living.

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According to trade union statistics, up to 20,000 people from across the country participated in the strike.

Many public servants in the judicial system said the declining purchasing power of wages coupled with the fast-rising inflation rate brought by the Russia-Ukraine conflict has forced them to organize strikes and demonstrations to demand a salary increase.

“Now, our living standard is almost stagnant. Prices are going up, but our wages have stagnated,” an employee of the Spanish judicial system said.

“Public servants’ incomes are now less than their expenses, as inflation is affecting every citizen. Many businesses and people pay the price, and the government must take responsibility for this,” another employee of the Spanish judicial system added.

40 mln judicial proceedings on halt

Since April 17, many judicial workers have already taken part in strikes in Spain. In the absence of consensus with the Spanish government, an indefinite strike has been launched. Small-scale protests broke out in many places across Spain, and a new national strike amid growing inflation began on May 25.

Trade unions emphasized that during the month-long strikes, the judicial system in Spain has been almost paralyzed. Trials of more than 600,000 cases and 40 million judicial proceedings are suspended due to the protests which are called by around 45,000 judicial officials nationwide.