Talk of ‘Polish complicity’ in Holocaust ‘scandalous’: Ambassador to Switzerland

Photo: Wikimedia/Stroop Report

The Polish Ambassador to Switzerland, Iwona Kozłowska, “reacted to the scandalous text of the Swiss daily ‘Neue Zürcher’ Zeitung about ‘Polish complicity in the Holocaust’. The author Martin Pollack, who lives in Vienna, is unfortunately known for his biased and anti-Polish texts,” the Polish ambassador in Berlin Dariusz Pawłoś wrote on Twitter.

On Wednesday, the Polish embassy in Switzerland wrote on Twitter that Ambassador Iwona Kozłowska appealed to the author of the article “for more prudence and restraint in judgments”. She also called him “to give up an aggressive attitude towards Poland and Poles.”

“The Holocaust is too painful a topic to be instrumentalized in this way. The author seems to forget that between 1939-1945 Poland was under brutal, criminal German occupation, which killed entire Polish families who aided Jews,” emphasized the Polish Ambassador.