Israel wants peace: Israeli official

To talk about the 75th anniversary of the creation of Israel and the most important events and milestones in Israel’s history, TVP World invited Deputy Chief of Mission in the Israeli Embassy in Poland, Shani Tayar.

Israelis come to standstill on Memorial Day

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“Israel is 3,000 years old but only 75 years young,” the deputy chief said, adding that during those 75 years, Poland had a significant role in establishing the statehood of Israel. “Poland was the first place that an Israeli embassy was inaugurated,” she added.

The Israeli official went on to say that throughout its short history, Israel wanted peace with its neighbors. “Being the only democracy in the middle east we are trying to make it as peaceful as we can, unfortunately, it’s not always easy,” Tayar emphasized.

She also pointed out that the protests that are going on right now in Israel are the best example of how the country is truly a democracy. “The people can speak and the government is listening,” she said.

The Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel was proclaimed on May 14, 1948. However, according to the Hebrew calendar, the anniversary took place yesterday.