Lula ideologically closer to Putin than to Ukrainians: retired U.S. Navy officer

A hard-core socialist, Brazil’s President Lula da Silva “is ideologically closer to Putin and to China than to the free fighting spirit of the Ukrainian people”, Gary Tabach, a retired U.S. Navy officer, told TVP World in a conversation about the Brazilian head of state’s explicitly pro-Russian turn in the context of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Brazilian President meets with Chinese business representatives

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Russia “got another guy in their camp and it’s a pretty powerful guy from quite a big country,” Tabach said.

He did not share the surprise of some to whom the image of a pro-democratic, freedom-loving politician that Lula himself painted did not fit with the Brazilian president taking the side of Russia.

“He’s a socialist and he is much closer with his ideology to the Venezuelans, the Russians, to the Cubans,” Tabach stressed.

“He says, ‘ok, I agree with the Chinese leadership that the only way to peace in the region is through negotiations’, which means, if you translate from the diplomatic language to the normal language, the sacrifice of Ukraine to Putin, and that’s the end of it,” TVP World’s guest added.

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