Multiculturalism in U.K: report shows Muslim pupils bullying Hindus to convert

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The British think tank, the Henry Jackson Society has found that Muslim pupils are demanding their Hindu classmates change religion to avoid bullying and have an easier life.

A study conducted by the think tank discovered that Hindu pupils are being “held responsible” for the actions of India.

The issue particularly came to the fore when fighting broke out in Leicester between the Hindus and Muslims, which the report highlighted is fuelling discrimination and tension in schools.

According to the most recent 2021 census, the population of Leicester is predominantly Asian (43 percent).

Half of Hindu parents have declared that their children suffered hatred in schools with incidents including a pupil having beef thrown at her by classmates, according to the report.

There are approximately one million Hindus in Britain, making it the country’s third most popular religion.

The report spoke to 988 Hindu parents and surveyed more than 1,000 schools around the country.

Violence in Leicester

Police in Leicester made 55 arrests last September after weeks of disorder, varying from vandalism of property, assaults, stabbings to attacks on places of worship. The report found that the tensions were rooted in conflict between young Muslims and Hindus.

The report highlighted that Muslim pupils called for Hindus to convert or face “threats of hell for disbelievers”, referring to them as “kaffir” (a term, in this instance, referring to non-Muslims).

In one case a child “was harassed and told that if they convert to Islam, their life will become so much easier”. In another case a child was told: “You aren’t going to survive very long... If you want to go to paradise, you’ll have to come to Islam... Hindus are the herbivores at the bottom of the food chain, we will eat you up.”

Religious conflict and tension is nothing new in Britain but the conflict involving Hindus and Muslims, itself hundreds of years old, has only recently bubbled to the surface but is fundamentally a problem which Britain has imported from India in the last century.