Burkina Faso: 15 military personnel killed by unknown assailants

Photo: The Washington Post/ GettyImages

At least 15 Burkina Faso soldiers and army auxiliaries were killed in an attack in the north of the country on Wednesday, three security sources reported on Thursday.

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The attack took place in the West African country’s Center-North region, a hotbed of jihadist activity linked to al Qaeda and Islamic State, and was carried out by unidentified armed assailants, the sources said.

Dire situation

One source said the troops were guarding water pipes that are frequently destroyed by the groups which have blocked access to several parts of the country’s north and east.

Insurgents there have mined roads, besieged towns, wrecked water facilities, and undermined efforts to deliver food and supplies to trapped civilians.

2 million displaced thousands killed

Burkina Faso is one of several West African countries battling violent Islamist groups that took root in neighboring Mali and have spread across the region over the past decade.

Thousands have been killed and over two million displaced across the Sahel region south of the Sahara.

Frustrations over authorities’ failure to restore security spurred two military takeovers in Burkina Faso and two in Mali since 2020.