Volunteer medics treat residents of retaken Donetsk Region town

Volunteer medics have been treating residents of Sviatohirsk clinic, a town in the Donetsk Region that has been retaken by Ukraine.

The group of 30 volunteers, from the Ukrainian-Israeli mission “Frida”, used a local clinic to see residents of Sviatohirsk, as well as surrounding Donetsk region towns including evacuees from the war-torn Bakhmut.

The patients were diagnosed and treated with all necessary tools and provided with medicine.

“When we are working in Donetsk region, there is always around 200 people having appointments. It all depends on the location. The more dangerous the location, the less people there are. But we are not coming for the quantity. We will come to any location, be it a basement or a bomb shelter, to treat 20 or 30 people,” said Vladyslava, a 28-year-old volunteer medic.

The “Frida” mission sets up mobile clinics in Ukraine’s regions most affected by Russia's invasion. One medic noted that people are experiencing high levels of glucose due to stress caused by living under bomb attacks.

While they can recommend stress management, it is difficult to implement in such an environment.