Supporters of former Pakistani PM clash with police in Lahore

Photo: Reuters

Pakistani police clashed with supporters of Imran Khan, the country’s former prime minister, on Saturday as they entered his property in Lahore.

The search of the house followed days of standoff and clashes between police and Khan's supporters around the property, where police had attempted to arrest Khan last Tuesday.

Khan said in a Tweet that his wife was at the property.

Khan, in office from 2018 to 2022, was set to appear in court in Islamabad on Saturday to address charges of unlawfully selling state gifts given to him by foreign dignitaries while in office.

Khan says he followed legal procedures in acquiring the gifts.

Khan is facing a spate of legal challenges, including one that prompted the failed attempt to arrest him on Tuesday.

Punjab Information Minister Amir Mir told Reuters that police had arrived outside Khan's house to collect evidence about attacks on police and people wanted in various cases.

Khan, who was shot and wounded while campaigning in November, said in an interview the threat to his life is greater than before and asserted - without providing evidence - that his political opponents and the military want to block him from standing in elections later this year.

Pakistan's information minister said this week that the government had nothing to do with the police action and that the police were complying with court orders.