Pro-Russian opposition in Moldova teaching people to riot: report

Socialists and Communists political party protest. Photo: PAP/EPA/DUMITRU DORU

The opposition ȘOR party, which has been organizing regular protests in the Moldovan capital city of Chisinau since autumn, is sending young people to Turkey for training in preparation of demonstrations and riots, the Deschide website reported Monday quoting Moldovan spec-services.

Their attention was drawn to the fact that the pro-Russian group organized a training trip for 80 people, with the entire expenses covered by an unemployed Moldovan citizen. He was expected to pay more than EUR 21,000 for the plane tickets alone.

During the trip which lasted approximately three days, young Moldovans were divided into several groups to receive specialized training.

“One group was to be trained on how to break police cordons during protests, as well as how to throw stones and throw smoke bombs. Others were to return to the Republic of Moldova with money to finance the protests,” the website stressed.

Ilan Shor

In October, citing sources in Ukrainian and Western intelligence services, The Washington Post published a report saying that the pro-Russian ȘOR party was deliberately organizing blockades in Chisinau to destabilize Moldova. The newspaper added that the group's founder Ilan Shor is an alleged agent of Russia’s FSB service.

According to Moldovan authorities, 35-year-old Shor, who is hiding from Moldovan law enforcement in Israel, is taking steps with a group of his associates to escalate tensions in Chisinau.