Cars confiscated from drunk drivers in Latvia to be handed over to Ukraine

Photo: Wikimedia/gianni

The Latvian government has agreed to the initiative that provides for cars confiscated from drunk drivers to be handed over to the Ukrainian army. The Latvian Prime Minister Krishyanis Karinsh said that the lawmakers are going to work on new legislation.

The initiative came from the Latvian Ministry of Finance, which proposed that vehicles confiscated from people driving under the influence of alcohol are sent to Ukraine. Now the ministry is to prepare the relevant regulations.

Currently, vehicles confiscated in Latvia are sold at auctions open to individuals as well as companies. Such auctions are highly popular due to the attractive prices of the vehicles on display.

Chief Commander of the Latvian Police Armands Ruks explains that a number of vehicles are confiscated from intoxicated drivers every day. The police data shows slight improvement, but drunk driving rates in Latvia are among the worst in Europe.

Last year the government introduced a law that provides for criminal liability and confiscation of the vehicle against drivers whose blood contains more than 1.5 per mile of alcohol.