Denmark to provide asylum to Afghan women deprived of rights by Taliban

An Afghan woman wearing a burqa. Photo: Elise Blanchard/For The Washington Post via Getty Images

Denmark is going to grant asylum and refugee status to Afghan women, since the Taliban having got back into power have been ever more boldly deprived women of their rights in Afghanistan, according to a Danish refugee committee.

The decision was made based on data pertaining to the continuous deterioration of living conditions of women and girls in Taliban-run Afghanistan, the committee said, referring to findings demonstrated in a recent report by the European Union Agency for Asylum.

The committee also said that it had taken the decision to analyse declined asylum motions filed by Afghan women.

In late November, a special UN rapporteur for human rights in Afghanistan, Richard Bennett, said that the way the Taliban treated women may be tantamount to crimes against humanity.

Afghan women were banned in December from pursuing education at universities. In early October, the Taliban barred Women from parks and amusement parks. Most of the women in Afghanistan who worked for the government have now lost their jobs or have been on extremely low doles. This is intended to encourage, even coerce them to stay home.

Moreover, women are banned from moving about publicly without a male mahram, be it their husband, brother or father. Strict rules on female dress apply as well, with eyes being the only body part allowed for unclothed public display.

The Taliban had regained power in Afghanistan as of August 30, 2021, following the hectic U.S. withdrawal. Ever since they retook hold of the country’s reins, women have lost the majority of rights they had managed to secure in two decades.