LIVE: Day 341 of Russian aggression against Ukraine

Photo: PAP

The war continues. Russian missile strikes killed three people in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson while fighting raged in the eastern Donetsk region where Russia again shelled the key town of Vuhledar, Ukrainian officials said.

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Sentences of 8 and 10 years in prison were given to individuals who provided Russians with information about the current location of the Ukrainian forces in the Donetsk region, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) reported on Monday.

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Poland's deputy prime minister and agriculture minister has said that the whole European Union should be involved in helping Kyiv with grain exports to alleviate the burden taken in this respect by the countries neighbouring Ukraine.

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Tanks donated by Britain to Ukraine will be on the front line before summer, defence minister Ben Wallace said on Monday, without giving an exact timetable.

Asked in parliament when the 14 Challenger tanks it has agreed to supply would be deployed onto the battlefield, Wallace said: "It'll be this side of the summer, or May - it'll be probably towards Easter time."

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