Ukrainian Red Cross prepares for Russian onslaught

Photo: Global Images Ukraine/ GettyImages

In anticipation of a potential new Russian wave, the Ukrainian Red Cross is preparing to provide more relief to the civilian population in the country’s war-torn regions.

During a visit to Berlin, Germany, Maksym Dotsenko the Secretary General of the Ukrainian Red Cross told Reuters that “everyone expects some intensification of the battle.”

Since the start of the invasion, around 11 million people have fled their homes, including seven million internally displaced and four million refugees in neighbouring states, mostly in Poland.

The largest civil organisation in Ukraine, the Red Cross, is unable to operate in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine that are under Russian occupation.

Red Cross doing its part

According to Dotsenko, the number of volunteers has more than doubled, while the organisation's personnel expanded from 400 before the conflict to 1,500 employees.

“I cannot say that all the needs are covered. But I can say that in general, the situation is under control,” he said.

Dotsenko stated that in the event of additional Russian attacks on vital infrastructure, the Red Cross is prepared to deliver generators to hospitals and other locations.

There was no need for clothing donations, he continued, “of course, we need more cash help.”

The war spares no one

Five of the Ukrainian Red Cross volunteers have perished in the fighting, one of them during Russian shelling of the southern city of Kherson.

Despite significant losses on both sides, the war’s front lines, which cover more than 1,000 kilometres of eastern and southern Ukraine, have mostly remained in place for the past two months. However, it is widely thought that both Russia and Ukraine are preparing new offensives.