TV series to be watched by a billion people

"The Chosen" (2017), reż. Dallas Jenkins. Fot. REPRODUKCJA TVP

Christians finance their own movie about Jesus, regardless of the big business interests, political or secular correctness.

First, there was an unprecedented funds collection of fans, which turned out to be a tremendous success, the biggest in the history of the film industry. Then, there was the production of the Sermon on the Mount scenes, attended by 2,000 donors paying “every grace” to appear in the series as the extras. The triumph was complemented by a bank-breaking movie at the American Box Office. For the creators of the media project "The Chosen" ("The Chosen one" or "The Chosen ones") - a series about the life of Jesus - everything goes no less successfully than for the main character of the film and his miraculous multiplication of the loaves of bread and fish. Nearly 400 million viewers have already watched this Christian production.

The story of the director Dallas Jenkins' idea also begins with the events at the Sea of Galilee described in all four gospels. “Remember, your job is NOT to feed 5,000 people. All you have to do is to bring bread and fish,” - someone wrote to him on an instant messenger. Soon, this was followed by the etude “The Shepherd”, which was displayed on Facebook - a low-budget production about the birth of Jesus - filmed on a friend's farm.

Jenkins, a devout Protestant (an evangelical Christian) from the US Northwest, named the video a pilot version for the series and called for money collection. The effect exceeded his wildest expectations: $ 10 million made it possible to finance the first episodes of "The Chosen" series - a modern production about the life of Jesus. There are to be over 40 episodes altogether, and the first eight can already be watched on TVP1 and the VOD.TVP.PL platform.

The series is also distributed free of charge on the producer's website and in the mobile application, which – consistently and for months - has been in the global ranking of the 50 most often downloaded worldwide. Anyway, the project's YouTube channel, where the director reveals the progress of work, shows details from the movie sets, and sometimes even connects live with the fans, has nearly 1.9 million subscribers.

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referring to the phenomenon well-known in the world of series viewers: watching episodes without any limits of the TV schedule, one after the other, or all during one weekend.

Binge-watching is one of the new habits, popular among the viewers of many different streaming platforms. On VOD TVP, Netflix or HBO Max, we can watch movies whenever we want to, where we want, and how we want to. There are also cinema premieres there.

The mini-series format has also become popular, displacing the traditional formula of a film lasting 100 or 130 minutes. These are 8-, 10-episode, less than an-hour-long productions, made according to the standards of cinema feature films, much higher quality than the long-running television ones.

But with the world of streaming platforms came a different threat; Their broadcast monopoly.

The managers of some of the largest in the world, new television media companies, have their hands on what is shown on their platforms. As a result, we have a new cultural McDonaldization of the world, the adaptation of film productions (regardless of where they are made) to the homogeneous American model, also in terms of values. Thus, the vision of the world according to the left-liberal elites' punch is promoted: in each series, there must be a representative of the sexual minorities or a non-binary person, and in historical productions, African Americans play heroes from the times of white Victorian England, for example.

On the other hand, we have criticism or ridicule of traditional values, especially Christian ones. This was the case in “The First Temptation of Christ” series or the cartoon "Paradise PD". It is rather interesting that the creators of those – mentioned above - do not take similar actions in relation to the dogma of Islam or Buddhism ... This trend has already been felt by Mel Gibson, whose idea for "The Passion of the Christ” 20 years ago was turned down by seven of Hollywood's biggest studios.

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–Cezary Korycki –Translated by Katarzyna Chocian