Largest power storage plant in continental Europe opens in Belgium

Photo: AFP

The white containers on the edge of a small Belgian town form the largest electricity storage plant in continental Europe, capable of meeting peak demand in the country without the need for gas or fuel oil.

“Until now, the capacity to produce quickly was largely provided by oil or gas-fired power stations, which were triggered at any time. With this new type of power station, we can do without fossil fuels,” Michael Coudyser, Head of Corsica Sole, told AFP.

“It is the largest [storage plant] in the continental Europe and it allows Belgium to have a sufficient reserve to withstand energy drops or excesses by storing… energy in these batteries,” he added.

As Mr Coudyser pointed out, “renewable energy is intermittent and therefore does not always produce when we want it to.”

“Therefore, with the increase in power of renewable energy, it is necessary to implement large-capacity plants of this type to be able to inject energy into the grid and stabilise it,” he explained.