NATO FMs pledge solidarity with Poland over Przewodów missile incident


After a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Bucharest on Tuesday, the officials expressed solidarity with Poland as to the stray missile that hit the village of Przewodów, near Poland’s southeastern border, killing two Polish civilians.

“We stand in solidarity with Poland following the incident of 15 November that led to the tragic loss of life as a result of Russia's missile attacks against Ukraine,” the diplomats wrote in a joint statement.

Funeral of the second victim of the missile incident in Przewodów

The funeral of the second victim of the Tuesday missile incident in Przewodów in eastern Poland took place in the local cemetery on Sunday,...

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“We condemn Russia’s cruelty against Ukraine’s civilian populations and violations and abuses of human rights, such as forcible deportations, torture, and barbaric treatment of women, children, and persons in vulnerable situations. All those responsible for war crimes, including conflict-related sexual violence, must be held accountable. We also condemn all those, including Belarus, who are actively facilitating Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine,” they added.

Przewodów incident

The explosion occurred as an unforeseen result of a massive rocket strike carried out by Russia against key Ukrainian infrastructure.

The Soviet-manufactured rocket could possibly have been a stray missile fired by the Ukrainian air defence in an attempt to intercept a Russian missile, but missed its mark and crossed into Polish territory.