More countries queue up to buy Polish anti-aircraft systems

The Norwegian Armed Forces have signed a contract to buy hundreds of Polish anti-aircraft missile systems, named “Piorun”, manufactured by Mesko, part of the Polish Armaments Group.

As specified in the contract worth tens of millions of euros, Mesko will be supplying several hundred Piorun missiles and launch sets, the armaments manufacturer stated in a communiqué. The contract was signed in Oslo on Tuesday by the company’s deputy head Przemysław Kowalczuk.

The release explains that Mesko had cooperated with the Norwegian company Nammo in the field of medium-calibre ammunition over the years, however, the Piorun contract is the first to supply the country with this type of weaponry.

“The contract is the result of an open tender in which we competed with European and American suppliers,” Mr Kowalczuk said.

He added that “the work carried out over the last year by the Polish Armaments Group meant that our bid turned out to be much better than our competitors.”

The deputy head of Mesko pointed out that “in a fairly short period of time, we have successfully adapted our offer to the specific requirements of the Norwegian customer, which proves our flexibility both in terms of business and technology.”

Popularity of Polish armaments

Mesko also informed that Norway is the next country, following Estonia and the United States, to decide on purchasing Polish anti-aircraft missile systems.

The sets are designed for combatting low-flying aircraft, helicopters and drones.