Protester with rainbow flag runs onto pitch at World Cup match

Photo: Manuel Reino Berengui/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

A protester holding a rainbow flag and with a shirt saying ‘Respect For Iranian Women’ on the back ran onto the pitch and was roundly booed during Monday's game between Portugal and Uruguay at the World Cup in Qatar.

Security staff quickly intervened and moved away the protester, who also had ‘Save Ukraine’ on the front of his shirt.

Several European countries, notably Germany and England wanted to wear captain armbands, partially supporting the LGBT community. And some fans, many of whom supporting Wales were denied entry to stadiums on account of them sporting rainbow paraphernalia.

Qatar has laws against the promotion of homosexuality which has caused much agitation in western European media and several of their competing teams who feel they are within their rights to breach these laws.

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Some commentators have drawn comparisons with these same European countries' imperialistic era, where they travelled to foreign lands imposing their ways against the will of the locals because they are certain that their values are superior.

Others have noted that it was illegal in the UK until 2003 to promote homosexuality to children and in schools and thus the notion that LGBT rights are in fact British values falls flat.

The 2022 World Cup has become synonymous with virtue signalling by Western nations, their football associations, their players and now a fan, all competing with one another to show support for as many social issues as possible.