Russian aggression shows how important the Three Seas is: Austrian Ambassador

TVP World’s David Kennedy spoke with the Ambassador of Austria in Poland, Mr Andreas Stadler at the Three Sea’s Initiative conference. The Ambassador stressed that the Russian aggression on Ukraine further highlighted the importance of the initiative, and underlined the role it plays in EU geopolitics. It is politically expedient to strengthen the eastern flank of the union, and the members can stand to benefit from lobbying for its collective political interest.

Mr Stadler said that Austria has a close relationship and warm sentiment for Poland as well as the countries in the Three Seas region, and that in addition to Austria’s investment in the initiative, the countries should work together to procure more EU funding.

The Austrian ambassador said that Europe as whole would like to see advancement of the Three Seas region in fields of transport, energy cooperation, and digital infrastructure. Further investment in these areas would be the direction in which to elevate the competitiveness of the countries.