Polish PM opts for all Russian oil to be sanctioned

Photo: Getty Images

Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland’s Prime Minister, has said that all Russian oil should be banned as part of sanctions aimed at reducing Moscow’s revenues from oil exports so that it has less money to finance its invasion of Ukraine.

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“I would like the EU to make quick, bold decisions and Poland will, of course, be among the first ones... to comply with these decisions,” he told a press conference on Monday.

As he added, Warsaw “as one of the main organisers... of many sanctions packages,” was opting for excluding Russian oil as soon as possible.

The PM also noted that last week Poland, along with the Baltic states, was most determined to limit the possibility of exporting Russian oil via tankers and to set such a maximum price for Russian oil that could hurt Moscow.

Earlier in November, Warsaw blocked the European Commission’s proposal to limit the Russian oil price at USD 65 per barrel arguing that the proposed cap was too high. The Polish position is supported by a group of other EU members, including the Baltic states.

This week, talks between EU countries on the maximum price of Russian oil are to be continued. EU countries want to reach an agreement before December 5, when the EU embargo on sea-borne exports of Russian oil enters into force.