World News 25.11

Germany mulls Poland’s proposal to send Patriot systems to Ukraine, Ukraine faces evacuations, shelling, lack of electricity and water, and Putin is not letting up, and UK’s Supreme Court unanimously struck down a bid for a new independence vote in Scotland. This and much more are in the Friday edition of World News.

Berlin and Warsaw in deadlock over Patriots for Ukraine

German authorities have rebuffed Poland’s proposal to deploy Patriot batteries in Ukraine instead of Poland, calling the idea unfeasible.

Two weeks after fleeing from Kherson, Russians shell it

The city of Kherson, although freshly liberated, is now facing some of the deadliest attacks on civilians. Barrages of rocket attacks have killed at least 10 civilians and injured dozens in the last 24 hours alone. TVP World’s correspondent in Ukraine Don Arleth was there for the last two days and just narrowly missed those attacks himself.

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly discusses war in Ukraine

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe has concluded a two-day session in Warsaw. Owidiusz Nicieja reported on the proceedings.

Central European and Baltic leader meet in Kaunas

In Kaunas today, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda joined his counterparts from Poland, Latvia, and Romania at an international symposium entitled “The Idea of Europe”. The heads of state discussed the region's security, Russia's hostilities against Ukraine, and multilateral cooperation. President Zelenskyy and EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen addressed the event remotely. A report from TVP World’s correspondent Gabriela Jankauskaitė.

UK Supreme Court slams door on another Scottish referendum

Scotland last held a referendum on independence in 2014. Now, tensions are once again growing between London and Edinburgh following the latest ruling of the Supreme Court. A report from TVP World’s resident UK correspondent Klaudia Czerwińska.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the world remembers that gender-based violence continues to affect millions of women around the world, especially in areas of democratic dissent, conflict, and instability.

Important local elections underway in Taiwan

Tomorrow, people across the island of Taiwan will head to voting stations to cast their ballots in local elections. Dubbed the “nine-in-one” vote, the elections will see citizens casting their ballots for nearly twenty thousand candidates, with nine elected positions up for grabs in every municipality.

Neymar out with injury, Qatar eliminated

The second round of group-stage matches began at the World cup in Qatar. The hosts are the first team to lose their chance to qualify for the knockout stages. Meanwhile, favourites Argentina are preparing for battle to keep their World Cup hopes alive.

Bohateron Awards celebrate the memory of Warsaw Uprising

The final gala of the Bohateron Awards took place in the Polish Radio Concert Hall in Warsaw, where. TVP World’s Marek Steele-Zieliński reported live from the event.

World News’ guest

After the German government offered Poland the redeployment of its Patriot missile defence batteries, Polish officials responded that the Patriots would better serve Ukraine. Berlin argues, however, that it cannot send its Patriot batteries to Ukraine, as it is not a member of NATO, even after the Pact’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said that such a decision lies within the power of individual countries. To discuss the issue, TVP World invited Robert Pszczel, the former Chief of the NATO information office in Moscow.