Rock Rachon 24.11

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has officially stretched into its ninth month, and winter is coming. The harsh drop in temperature is described as a third army, as it is as likely to kill a soldier as a stray bullet.

Putin is desperately trying to win the war he started, facing no progress in the military front, Moscow has turned its aim to civilian infrastructures. As winter approaches, so do rolling blackouts, courtesy of Russian missiles. It is clear that Ukraine urgently needs air defence systems, but it seems that not all of the western allies are willing to lend a hand…

Guest of the programme Witold Rodkiewicz, Historian Analyst, Senior Fellow at the Russian Department of the Centre for Eastern Studies in Warsaw gave his assessment of the current situation in Ukraine. He explained that Russia’s current war on Ukraine was launched in a manner uncharacteristic of Putin’s usual calculated manner. However different this war is from previous ones, the Russian brutality stayed the same.

“The unrestrained violence, the use of violence and force against civilians, a terror warfare that seeks to achieve victory by terrorising civilians.”