World News 24.11

The European Parliament will allocate additional funds to support Ukraine in 2023, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán says that Hungary will back Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership bids, and a meeting of the Russian-led collective security organisation in Armenia shows Moscow’s influence waning in the region. This and much more are in the Thursday edition of World News.

Ukrainians continue to reclaim territory

Power and water supply are gradually being restored across Ukraine, including the capital, Kyiv, a day after Russian forces unleashed yet another devastating missile barrage on Ukraine's energy infrastructure. As the country heroically struggles against Moscow’s brutal attacks, its military forces are gaining ground. A report by TVP World’s correspondent Don Arleth from Kherson today.

Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

Europe will not leave Ukraine to suffer at the hands of Russian missile strikes. The European Parliament has voted to allocate additional funds in 2023 to support Ukraine and mitigate the consequences of Russia’s invasion.

Hungary backs Nordic NATO bid

Speaking at the V4 meeting in Košice in Slovakia today, Prime Minister Orbán declared that the Hungarian parliament will be voting to back Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership bids at its next session. The Košice conference gathered prime ministers of the Visegrad Group countries, commonly referred to as the V4. A report by TVP World’s Marek Steele-Zieliński.

Poland wants German Patriots for Ukraine

Warsaw declined Germany’s offer of redeploying its Patriot missile batteries to Poland after proposing a different solution. Poland’s Defence Minister Błaszczak said that the anti-air systems should be delivered to Ukraine instead, explaining that the batteries would defend not only Ukraine but also NATO’s eastern flank.

OSCE parliamentary assembly sans Russia

Representatives from more than 50 countries gathered in Warsaw for the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE. This time – without Russia. TVP World’s Kazimierz Łysiak has more on why this particular session was so unique.

Russian atrocities laid bare

As the war in Ukraine rages on, details of Russia's crimes against civilians continue to reach viewers around the world. Today, a documentary about the massacre in Bucha produced by Polish public television – including a journalist from TVP World – premiered in the UK. A report by TVP World’s resident correspondent Klaudia Czerwińska.

Kosovo-Serbia reach car plate agreement

Kosovo and Serbia have reached an agreement on illegal Serbian license plates, where Kosovo will end further actions related to the re-registration of cars. Moreover, Serbia is forbidden from issuing further Kosovo licence plates. Tensions between the two countries first arose four months ago.

Armenia criticises Russian-led NATO imitation for ineffectiveness

Russian influence in the Caucasus is diminishing. Armenia has hosted a CSTO summit, attended by Vladimir Putin. The two countries failed to come to an agreement, as the Russian leader was not exactly well received in Yerevan.

Qatar 2022 continues to invite controversy

This has already been a world cup of big surprises. Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia, and Germany lost to Japan. So far, however, football emotions have not been enough to overshadow the controversial character of the tournament in Qatar.

Much ado about stuffing as Americans celebrate Thanksgiving

Americans all across the world are celebrating Thanksgiving Day, one of the most important holidays on the country’s calendar. The main traditions of the special day include gathering with loved ones, watching local or televised parades, and, famously, carving the Thanksgiving turkey.

Art of Asia-Pacific on exhibit in Warsaw

Asian and Oceanic art is becoming increasingly more popular among Europeans. The “Created With Sound” exhibition in Warsaw is a place where cultures collide and sound meets matter. A report from TVP World’s Filip Adamczyk was on site and has the story.

World News’ guest

Hungary will provide EUR 187 mln in financial aid to Ukraine as its contribution to a planned EU support package. Prime Minister Orbán also said today that Hungary will be ratifying NATO membership for Finland and Sweden within a month. Gáspár Keresztes from the Wacław Felczak Polish-Hungarian Cooperation Institute was TVP World’s guest, invited to talk about Hungarian policy in the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.