Business Arena 23.11

In Wednesday’s episode, Business Arena’s host David Kennedy started the programme with the main stories which covered the turmoil on the crypto market, discussion around the cap on Russian oil in the EU and blackouts in Ukraine caused by Russian shelling.

The European Union is expected to proceed with a price cap on sea-born Russian oil deliveries in a bid to reduce revenues the country receives used to fuel its war effort. The G7 and the EU will suspend the tanker shipments of Russian oil, which account for 70 to 85 percent of the total export, beginning December 5 unless it is acquired at or below a specified price threshold.

To talk about the situation in Ukraine and the possible price cap on Russian oil Business Arena host, David Kennedy spoke with Eastern European expert Sergej Sumlenny.

Other topics covered in the programme included Chinese officials expected to impose a billion-dollar fine on Jack Ma’s Ant Group, The Eurozone PMI index reaching 47.8 in November and the European Parliament adopting a law which guarantees gender parity on the corporate boards of companies across the EU.