World News 23.11

In this edition of World News, focus is on the European Parliament labeling Russia a state sponsor of terrorism, Russian air strikes continuing across Ukraine, causing widespread blackouts and casualties, and Poland submitting a diplomatic note on reparations, as Germany continues to ignore the issue, among others.

Russia branded a state sponsor of terrorism

The European Parliament has voted to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism. The decision is a breakthrough when it comes to the European Union’s approach towards the Russian Federation.

Unsung hero from Blahodatne, Ukraine

In the western region of Kherson, residents continue to celebrate their liberation by Ukrainian forces. Our correspondent Don Arleth visited a small village of Blahodatne in the area and met a Ukrainian civilian who spent months hiding from the Russians — and feeding Ukrainian forces information about enemy positions.

Russian attacks cause blackouts across Ukraine

Today, dozens of cities and settlements across Ukraine were targeted by Russian missiles. The country is facing massive power supply problems. The Ukrainian government is doing its best to restore electricity and provide basic services to the inhabitants.

Sunak helps Ukraine

The United Kingdom has announced that it will be providing Ukraine with more military equipment, fulfilling a promise made in Kyiv by PM Rishi Sunak last weekend. Klaudia Czerwińska has more on the subject.

Poland renews call for WWII reparations

Poland has sent a diplomatic note to more than 50 countries on the issue of war reparations after Germany refused to answer Poland’s official request for compensation for damages caused during the Second World War.

Trial of Polish-Belarusian journalist postponed indefinitely

The Lukashenko regime has indefinitely postponed the trial of journalist Andrzej Poczobut, a Polish minority activist in Belarus. To date, he’s spent more than eighteen months in jail without a sentence.

UN urges Iranian authorities to release bodies of protesters

False allegations and attempts at intimidation are not exactly novel methods of manipulating the public; however, Iranian authorities have now taken that playbook a step further. Tehran has been refusing to release the bodies of killed protesters unless their families march to the drum of the Islamic Republic.

Poles among the stars

History has been made, as a Polish scientist was selected to join the reserve group of the European Space Agency’s newest astronaut class. The choice of Sławosz Uznański is a huge success for Poland and a step forward in the country’s ambitions to reach the stars.

Young talented Poles gather in Warsaw

The Our Future Foundation is holding the fourth Our Future Forum at Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science. Gathering talented young Poles, the conference is a unique opportunity for the younger generations to network and get to know active professionals from a variety of fields.

Cristiano Ronaldo parts ways with Manchester United

While the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar captures most of the attention of football fans all over the world, the tournament was eclipsed for a moment on Tuesday by Manchester United’s announcement that the club would be parting ways with living football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo.

World News’ guest

The U.S. has announced a new military aid package for Ukraine worth four hundred million dollars. The situation in Ukraine was the topic of TVP World’s interview with retired General Ben Hodges, former commander of U.S. Army Europe.