TVP celebrates its 70th anniversary in Warsaw

Today, Polish Television is celebrating a very important anniversary. The first programme of TVP was aired 70 years ago, in 1952. The anniversary’s celebration was held at 5:15 pm (CET) in Warsaw’s Grand Theatre with all-star appearances.

Conducted by TVP’s well-known hosts Tomasz Kammel and Anna Popek, the ceremony-goers and TVP 1 channel viewers in front of TV sets and online were taken on a sentimental trip through the broadcaster’s history.

Showing up at the gala were creators of much-loved programmes, artists and TVP personalities.

The event featured a modern and stunning graphical design rooted in holograms and virtual reality coupled with performances of the most popular songs in absolutely “incredible” and thrilling duets.

TVP presented timeless archival materials and memorable scenes from legendary programmes, films and movie series. Modern achievements of the broadcaster were presented, followed by discussions on the future of Polish culture.

Presence in Ukraine

On the occasion of the anniversary, Mateusz Matyszkowicz, TVP’s president, visited Ukraine to honour Polish Journalists reporting from frontlines.

“Today, in our times it is unfortunately about being there where it is dangerous, there where we realise just how fragile the world peace and the order we live in are. That is why it is important for us today on our 70th birthday to mark our presence here in Ukraine,” he told TVP World.

“Polish journalists, who risk paying the highest price, are here to report on what is happening. So that the viewers in Poland and around the world have access to reliable information. Today is the day in which we want to show our solidarity,” he stressed.