IAEA: No indications of undeclared nuclear activities and materials in Ukraine

Inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an autonomous organisation within the UN dealing with atomic energy, have completed their verification activities at three locations in Ukraine at the request of the Ukrainian government, IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi said on Thursday.

“Ukraine’s written requests for the IAEA to send teams of inspectors were issued after the Russian Federation made allegations about activities at the three locations – the Institute for Nuclear Research in Kyiv, Eastern Mining and Processing Plant in Zhovti Kody, and Production Association Pivdennyi Machine-Building Plant in Dnipro,” IAEA wrote in a press release.

The inspectors were given unfettered access to the locations and were able to carry out all necessary procedures to check if any undeclared nuclear activities have been taking place. “Based on the evaluation of the results available to date and the information provided by Ukraine, the Agency did not find any indications of undeclared nuclear activities and materials at the locations,” the IAEA stated.

Environmental analysis

The inspectors also collected environmental samples that can “provide information about past and current activities related to the handling of nuclear materials”. The samples were collected at the IAEA’s safeguards laboratories and its network of analytical laboratories.

“Upon the request of the Government of Ukraine, I immediately dispatched inspectors to the three locations to carry out their indispensable technical and independent role in verifying the facts on the ground. Within days, they went there and conducted their safeguards activities, in challenging circumstances during the current conflict in Ukraine,” Director General Grossi said.

“Our technical and scientific evaluation of the results we have so far did not show any sign of undeclared nuclear activities and materials at these three locations. Additionally, we will report on the results of the environmental sampling as soon as possible,” he pointed out.

Mr Grossi also stressed that the IAEA remained ready to conduct further verification activities in Ukraine.