Poland could be next should Ukraine fall: Polish president

Photo: PAP/Paweł Supernak

“We know that the Russians must be stopped, that this is a revived Russian imperialism,” Polish president Andrzej Duda told the Italian state-owned television RAI during an interview on Tuesday evening. He also said that he is keeping his fingers crossed for Italy’s future Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni.

President Duda pointed out that Poland’s “position from the very beginning has been to support Ukraine; this is the most important thing for us.” He also added that if Ukraine falls, Poland could be next.

“We’re supporting Ukrainians because they are standing against Russian imperialism,” he argued.

Only way Russian aggression can end

“This war must end in two ways; firstly, Russian troops must withdraw from the Ukrainian lands they have occupied since 2014. Ukraine must return to its internationally recognised borders,” Andrzej Duda emphasised.

Secondly, war criminals must be punished, the international community must prosecute and punish them, because this is a requirement for peace to be preserved in the future,” the Polish president added.

Lack of support from the EU

President Duda also complained about what he saw as inadequate support from the European Union for some two million Ukrainian refugees that Poland is currently hosting.

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I have no doubt whatsoever that we should help the Ukrainians and Ukraine without looking at whether Europe is helping us or not,” he said.

However, he went on to say that “It’s a shame that the European Union, the EU institutions and the left-liberal political circles that are today governing the EU and the European Parliament can’t look honestly at the issue and support a country whose people are selflessly helping others.”

He also emphasised the need to send weapons and equipment to Ukraine and that Poland was systematically strengthening its defence potential so that the enemies of Poland would not dare to attack.

Poland open to work with new Italian government

“We want a strong European Union that works well together, but we want a European Union of free nations and equal states-sovereign, national states” that cooperate but “do not interfere in each other’s affairs, such as religious, worldview, or cultural issues,” he explained.

He admitted that Giorgia Meloni’s programme is close to his heart and he is open to working with the new Italian authorities.