Conservative leaders meet in Madrid

The “Viva22: History that we made together” rally in Madrid was organised by the conservative Spanish Vox party. Numerous conservative leaders from Europe and around the world were in attendance, among them André Ventura of the Portuguese Chega party, Javier Milei of the Argentine “La Libertad Avanza”, and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Giorgia Meloni, whose party Fratelli d’Italia won the recent parliamentary elections in Italy, addressed the assembled via a video link. Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán and former POTUS Donald Trump pre-recorded speeches for the event.

“We endured the lies and attempts to divide us,” said Ms Meloni. “In Italy, they’re using [our] alliance with Vox to label us as unfit for running in the election, just as in Spain they are using the alliance with Fratelli d’Italia to present you as those that are not fit to run in elections.”

“Our movements really cannot run in elections when millions of citizens are voting for them?” Meloni ridiculed the narrative prevalent in some media and among certain political leaders. “Do not fear the mainstream narrative, because the good news is, people no longer accept it.”

As the leader of Fd’I and the chairperson of the European Conservatives and Reformists Party fraction in the European Parliament, Ms Meloni pledged to make sure, that like-minded movements in other European nations can show the effectiveness of their solutions to Europe’s troubles.

“That is the only way to achieve the goal, which is to make Europe a political giant we dreamt of, the bureaucratic giant that we now see.”

Prime Minister Morawiecki, who attended the event in person, stressed the common values held dear Polish and Spanish people, especially tradition.

“Today, the EU wants to turn its back on tradition, [...] a small number of bureaucrats in Brussels believe that they make up Europe, but they are wrong. Europe is made up of its nations, free and sovereign nations,” stressed the Polish PM in his speech that he addressed to over 30,000 people that attended the Madrid rally.

PM Morawiecki also pointed out the increasing encroachment of Brussels on the sovereignty of the individual member states in violation of EU treaties, saying that it will lead to the creation of “a transnational beast without real and traditional values, without a soul”.

“That’s madness. For years a silent war has been waged in European against the values on which our civilisation has been built. And yet, we are all children of Christian civilisation. We cannot forget about this,” said PM Morawiecki. “I will not apologise for the fact that I am a Pole, I’m a Christian, I’m someone attached to supposedly outdated values such as truth, freedom, solidarity, and to law and justice.”

The Polish Prime Minister also pointed out how the smugness and naivete of some of the European elites, that allowed themselves to be “seduced” by cheap natural gas from Russia, led to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“The Kremlin acted like a drug dealer, it sold the gas ‘cheaply’, but the real price of that gas we see today is apparent: inflation, in very high energy prices, and the blood spilt in Ukraine. But it is not the elite who are paying the price for these terrible mistakes [...]; it us [the] ordinary people, normal, ordinary families in Spain, in Poland. and all over Europe.”

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Mr Morawiecki also mused on whether the European Commission learned anything since the Brexit vote in 2016, citing EC President von der Leyen’s attempts to school Italians on whom to vote for in their most elections. In spite of her veiled threats, the election was won by the conservative Fratelli d’Italia party. He said that only if the nations of Europe can reclaim their sovereignty usurped by Brussels, the continent can avert a catastrophe.

The Polish Prime Minister also criticised the attempts of Brussels and some Western political forces to impose their set of values, which he called “strange ideological experiments”, on others in an attempt to replace traditional values.

“Today Europe is overrun with people, who try to break down the doors of our homes and refurbish them as they want. We [will] not allow [this],” said Morawiecki, “Maybe you would be so kind and not force your ideas onto our families.”