LIVE: 223rd day of Russian aggression against Ukraine

A shelling hole near a destroyed private building in the Ruska Lozova village in Kharkiv's area, Ukraine, Photo: PAP

The war continues. Ukrainian forces have broken through Russian defences in the south of the country while expanding their rapid offensive in the east, seizing back more territory in areas annexed by Russia and threatening supply lines for its troops.

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The United States has no indication that Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons, despite "nuclear saber-rattling" by Russian President Vladimir Putin, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Tuesday.

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NATO has not warned members of the defence alliance of a Russian nuclear threat, a Western diplomat told Reuters, commenting on a report that Moscow was preparing to demonstrate its willingness to use nuclear weapons in its conflict with Ukraine.

“We have not received any warnings,” the diplomat said on Tuesday.

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Britain will extend the deployment of an air defence system in Poland, the UK defence minister said during a visit to the Polish city of Zamość on Tuesday. It would enable Poland to continue logistical support to Ukraine, the minister said.

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Vladimir Putin today is likely to sign laws that will incorporate the four annexed regions, according to news agency reports.

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The upper house of Russia's parliament voted on Tuesday to approve the incorporation of four Ukrainian regions into Russia, that Moscow annexed from Kyiv during its seven-month conflict.

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