LIVE: 222nd day of Russian aggression against Ukraine

A burned-out Russian armoured vehicle in Donetsk region, Ukraine, Photo: PAP

The war continues. Ukraine claimed full control of Russia's eastern logistics hub Lyman, its most significant battlefield gain in weeks, setting the stage for further advances aimed at cutting Russia's supply lines to its battered troops to a single route.

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The United States still has not seen a large-scale Russian reinforcement of its troops in Ukraine, even as it moves ahead with a mobilization, a US military official said on Monday.

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The Biden administration's next security assistance package for Ukraine is expected to include four High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) launchers, munitions, mines and mine-resistant vehicles, two sources briefed on the USD 625 million package told Reuters on Monday.

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Environmental damage in Ukraine caused by Russia's invasion was estimated at around EUR 36 billion (USD 35.3 billion), with millions of hectares of natural reserves under threat, Ukraine's environment minister said on Monday.

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Sweden sent a diving vessel on Monday to the site of Russian gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea that ruptured last week following blasts in the area, to probe an incident that has added new tension to Europe's energy crisis.

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A record 83 percent of Ukrainians would like their country to join NATO, a Kyiv-based opinion pollster said on Monday, citing a survey conducted after Kyiv applied to join the military bloc.

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Hungary's MVM has reached an agreement to defer payments to Russia's Gazprom for winter gas supply, the state-owned energy group said on Monday.

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