Business Arena 30.09

On Thursday’s episode, the programme’s host Rafał Tomański started with the most relevant stories, namely Poland imposing sanctions on Russian gas giant and hurricane Ian being one of costliest storms in US history.

Poland has imposed sanctions on Gazprom Export, a unit of Russia’s gas company. The firm’s assets will be frozen and access to financial funds and economic assets banned, the Polish Interior Ministry said.

To shed some more light on the issue, we were joined by Professor Zbigniew Krysiak, the Chairman of the Programme Council of the Institute of Schuman`s Thought .

What’s more…

-Energy ministers from the 27 EU member countries are negotiating measures proposed by Brussels to attempt to contain an energy price surge that is stoking record-high inflation and threatening a recession. The end goal is to prepare emergency levies on energy firms' windfall profits and launch talks on their next move to tackle Europe's energy crunch - possibly, a gas price cap.

-There is a new set of rules adopted by US federal regulators that will make the unused satellites in low-Earth orbit, the area already most congested with satellites, taken out “as soon as practicable, and no more than five years following the end of their mission.”