World News 30.09

The Russian dictator has now formally claimed the occupied territories in Ukraine as his domain while the civilised world warns that this changes nothing. Meanwhile, Russians continue to flee from their country for fear of being drafted while Ukrainians continue on their counteroffensive. This and much more are in the Friday edition of World News.

Putin announced annexation of occupied territories

The eyes of the world are turned east. Vladimir Putin presided over a ceremony to annex four Ukrainian regions partly occupied by his forces, further escalating the war and taking it into a new, unpredictable phase.

Civilised world reacts

Russia’s annexation of the Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson Regions of Ukraine has provoked strong reactions around the world. Russia has been hit with new sanctions, as the nuclear threat is at its highest in decades.

Russian exodus

The Russian exodus continues. Hundreds of thousands have already fled the country, while others are heading for the borders to dodge the mobilization by fleeing abroad. However, their flight brings numerous security concerns, prompting new countries to deny the Russians entry.

Ukrainian forces push on

The formal Russian annexation of parts of Ukraine has had little impact on the ground. Ukrainian forces continue to advance into what Moscow now considers its territory.

NATO responds to Russia

Members of the North Atlantic Alliance have criticised Russia’s annexation of parts of Ukraine and vowed to never recognise the land grab. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government has submitted its formal application to join the alliance.

Debate over Nord Stream leaks

The UN Security Council is holding an urgent meeting at the request of Russia to discuss damage to the Nord Stream gas pipelines. The discovery of the leak has triggered a heated debate over the possible causes and implications for energy security. Now, Russia is openly accusing the US of perpetrating the attack.

EU energy ministers draft agreement

Today, EU energy ministers agreed on emergency measures designed to lower energy prices across the European Union. The new regulations introduce joint measures to reduce electricity demand and to collect and redistribute surplus energy sector revenues.

Hurricane Ian hits US

Ian, one of the strongest storms to ever hit the US mainland, left San Carlos Island underwater. Locals lost homes after Hurricane Ian swept through the southern state of Florida. The death toll has risen to 21, as Ian heads toward Georgia and South Carolina.

World News’ guest

Russian-backed authorities staged votes in occupied regions of Ukraine’s east and south that were widely denounced as shams to justify a land grab after recent military setbacks. Jan Piekło, Poland’s former ambassador to Ukraine, was TVP World’s guest invited to share more light on the issue.