Rock Rachon 29.09

Earlier this week, unexplained leaks were reported in two Russian gas pipelines running under the Baltic Sea near Sweden and Denmark. Seismologists from both countries recorded blasts in the area where the pipes had been laid down.

Both the experts and Russia, which built the Nord Stream network, said the possibility of sabotage could not be ruled out.

To shed more light on the issue, Michał Rachoń, the programme’s host, was joined by Charlie Weimers, Swedish MEP and co-chair of the ECR Migration Working Group.

“The Baltic Sea is, indeed, a place for a potential confrontation between the free and the unfree Europe,” he assessed, pointing out that the incident “is a reminder of the fragility of the situation” in the region.

The programme’s second guest was New York Times bestselling author, conflict correspondent and former Seal Team Six commander Lt. Chuck Pfarrer.

As he emphasised, the occurrence was “not an accident… but a deliberate military action,” adding that “only a county with a navy and naval special warfare capability could have done this.”

The last guest of the show was Matthew Tyrmand who is a Polish-American economist, publicist and social activist writing for “Do Rzeczy” and “Wprost” weeklies.