People helping Ukraine want to SHOW their support: St Javelin founder

The Saint Javelin image that the entire world knows, depicts the Virgin Mary holding a Javelin missile launcher. That image has become a symbol of resistance during the conflict in Eastern Europe. Christian Borys, Saint Javelin's founder, was invited by TVP World to talk about how it became a global brand and how it became viral worldwide.

Mr Borys recounts how the Saint Javelin project started and what motivated him to start the project and how it began.

Borys is a journalist and he lived and worked in Ukraine between 2014 and 2018. He says that he, as did many of his colleagues and military experts he knows, knew what was coming. But Saint Javelin preceded the outbreak of the full-scale war. Mr Borys and some of his friends wanted to support a Canadian charity that supported orphans of Ukrainian soldiers fallen in the Donbas. This was in mid-February. When the war broke out, Saint Javelin was already there and fans and supporters flocked to it.

Other matters Mr Borys talked about were: his reaction to seeing President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a Saint Javelin T-shirt; the reason he believes Saint Javelin resonates with so many people; how much money did the project raise so far and what goals it supports; the role of Internet memes in this war; and where does Saint Javelin employ people and where are the customers of its merchandise based.