World News 29.09

Russian dictator will formally set the annexation of the currently occupied areas of Ukraine into motion on Friday, US Congress passes aid package for countries providing military aid to Ukraine, and hurricane Ian ravages Florida. This and much more are in the Thursday edition of World News.

Russia prepares to annex the occupied-territories

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called for an urgent meeting of the National Security Council as Russia is preparing to officially announce the annexation of parts of Ukraine on Friday. Kyiv assures that the move will not stop the Ukrainian counter-offensive. Moreover, Ukrainian intelligence sources warn of the growing risk of the use of tactical nuclear weapons by Russia.

Meme frontline

While recent weeks have brought news of the highly successful counter-offensive in the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainians have long been waging a very effective battle on a different front.

Foreign military financing approved

The US Congress has approved USD 288.6 mln in foreign military financing for Poland. Similar assistance packages were pledged to all countries providing military support to Ukraine over the course of the war.

Another leak in Nord Stream pipeline discovered

The Swedish coast guard announced the discovery of a fourth gas leak in the damaged Nord Stream pipeline. The European Union suspects sabotage and has promised a robust response to any intentional disruption of its energy infrastructure.

Recommendation for Lithuanians

The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry recommended that Lithuanian citizens leave Russia and not travel to the country following Vladimir Putin's announcement of a partial military mobilisation last week. The Ministry also warned Lithuanian citizens that they might face persecution and detention in Russia because of the Kremlin's war in Ukraine.

Serbia’s EU accession talks in peril

Serbian authorities have been asked to change their approach to Russia if they want to proceed with their EU accession. The European Parliament plans to call for a halt to talks with Belgrade should that condition not be met.

Ian devastates the US

The United States is experiencing extreme weather as Hurricane Ian continues to ravage Florida. This is the strongest hurricane to hit Florida’s west coast in decades.

PM Truss defends tax cuts

British Prime Minister Liz Truss defended her government’s decision to introduce significant tax cuts, which drew a strong response from the financial markets, claiming they were necessary to boost the country’s economic growth.

NNW international film festival

The 14th edition of the International Film Festival is currently taking place in Gdynia, Poland. The Festival is one of the biggest events showing historical films in Europe, with hundreds of discussions, screenings and cultural initiatives taking place over the course of four days.

Polish women’s team in volleyball championship playoffs

The Polish national women’s volleyball team has won three games at the World Championships and has already qualified for the playoffs. On Thursday evening, the team will face the Dominican Republic.

World News’ guest

The Saint Javelin image that the entire world knows, depicts the Virgin Mary holding a Javelin missile launcher. That image has become a symbol of resistance during the conflict in Eastern Europe. Christian Borys, Saint Javelin's founder, was invited by TVP World to talk about how it became a global brand and how it became viral worldwide.