Eastern Express 29.09

The state funeral of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was shot dead in July, was held in Tokyo on July 28. The ceremony was attended by representatives of 218 countries and territories. Despite public protests, the ceremony was funded by the state, costing nearly USD 12 mln.

Protesters pointed out that the decision to grant the funeral state status was not voted upon in parliament. Polls showed that more than half of the Japanese people opposed this form of funeral. Today’s episode looks at Japan’s future, a country that finds itself sandwiched between the two superpowers Russia and China.

This episode further covers topics of a new trade deal between Afghanistan and Russia, Lithuania looking to boost its defence capabilities, ever more strained diplomatic relations between Belarus and Georgia, and Turkey vowing to strengthen its military presence near Cyprus.

To shed more light on these issues, TVP World invited political science professor, Dr Spasimir Domaradzki.