Germany: Parliament rejects request to increase arms supplies to Ukraine

Photo: Getty Images

The CDU/CSU Christian Democratic Union suffered defeat in the Bundestag with a proposal to increase military support for Ukraine. In a roll-call vote, 179 MPs voted in favour of the proposal, 476 were against and one abstained, the German public broadcaster ARD reported.

The motion called for “an immediate and noticeable increase in German support in terms of quantity and quality”.

Ralf Stegner, MP of Germany's ruling Social Democratic Party (SDP), described the motion as “unnecessary”.

In turn, Johann Wadephul, CDU/CSU parliamentary group vice-chair, stressed that, in view of Russia’s partial mobilisation, Ukraine now needs decisive support.

This also requires additional weapons systems, especially armoured personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and tanks from industrial stocks that are ready for export,” he told the DPA agency.

To date, no NATO country has supplied Ukraine with Western-designed tanks.