The best way to respond to Russian propaganda is to mock it: Ivana Stradner

Russia has been using propaganda and disinformation as tools to help them with their war against Ukraine. Many different methods are being used in order to combat Russian lies and propaganda. TVP World invited Ivana Stradner, Advisor at the Foundation for Defence of Democracies to talk about these methods.

“Russia has never actually even stopped using information warfare for more than a decade, intensively. And what we are seeing right now … we see actually a flashback,” Ivana Stradner said.

She added that “For the Russian military, information war is tremendously important because it serves as an asymmetric way to actually challenge the West to polarise the West, to interfere with elections.”

Mrs Stradner also spoke extensively about the North Atlantic Fella Organisation, “a grassroots movement, where people across the globe are fighting Russian disinformation with sophisticated and unsophisticated, let me say this, memes”.

NAFO is using “satire and humour”, which countries and organisations around the world are not willing to use because of the risks involved in the messages being put forward.

According to the Foundation for Defence of Democracies advisor, Russia Today and Sputnik even started to amplify NAFO, accusing it of being a CIA-run operation, and NAFO responded in the best way possible by mocking the Russian state media.

She concluded that NAFO is using humour to challenge Russian propaganda.