Thousands of civil servants protest against rising costs of living in Spain

Several thousand people, 17,000 according to the Government Delegation in Madrid and more than 80,000 according to the organisers, attended a demonstration in Madrid, Spain, to demand a “fair” salary increase and effective economic measures against inflation.

The protest was called by the Independents’ and Civil Servants' Trade Union Centre (CSIF) and the Spanish security forces union Jusapol.

Protesters called on the government to update public salaries retroactively in 2022 as well as a multiannual salary increase to compensate for the purchasing power lost since 2010, thus setting an example for the private sector.

At the same time, they demand “effective” economic measures to help workers combat rising prices and guarantee quality public services by providing the necessary resources.

The rally was attended by members of the parliamentary opposition, mainly politicians from the conservative Vox group and the centre-right Popular Party.

CSIF, the co-organiser of the event, said that the protests would continue until negotiations with the government are concluded.