Roch Rachon 22.09

Almost seven months after the war in Ukraine broke out, Russians still hold the majority of Luhansk district, control majority of Donetsk district and, despite heavy fighting, Vladimir Putin announced that annexation referenda are soon to be organised in these regions.

In his recent address, he announced, among other things - a nationwide partial mobilisation for the country's military campaign. It would see 300,000 additional personnel called up to serve.

The Russian strongman also stressed that his country had “lots of weapons to reply” to what he called Western threats, and said that he was not bluffing.

The programme’s first guest was New York Times bestselling author, conflict correspondent and former Seal Team Six commander Lt. Chuck Pfarrer. He discussed the current conflict in Ukraine, shared his takeaways from some of the latest footage and analysed the types of challenges faced by special operation units.

Historian and author Yuri Georgievich Felshtinsky, Rock Rachon’s second guest, joined the show’s host to discuss the announcement of Russia’s partial mobilisation and Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats.

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