The release of Azovstal defenders has mobilised Ukrainians: Ukrainian MP

Some say that Russia is not a country but a state of mind. As the war in Ukraine continues to ravage thousands of lives, understanding Vladimir Putin and his rule is more important than ever. Andrii Osadchuk, Ukrainian Member of Parliament, was invited by TVP World to discuss this and other developments in Ukraine.

The first thing discussed with Mr Osadchuk was the latest development: the release of Ukrainian defenders of Azovstal. As he says, it was something completely unexpected. As an MP, Mr Osadchuk works with the parliamentary security committee, and even he was not aware of it. He thanked Turkish President Erdoğan and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for their role in brokering the deal.

Mr Osadchuk was perhaps most surprised by the fact that Putin and the FSB would agree to release the commanders of the Azov regiment. And while Russians are fleeing from their country for fear of being mobilised into the army, Ukrainian feel mobilised by the news their heroes are safe.

Other matters that were discussed by Mr Osadchuk were: the role of international investigators in the future war crimes tribunal; Russia’s trouble on the front; does the public outcry against mobilisation mean the beginning of an end for Putin; and does anyone still believe the lies told by Lavrov and the likes of his.