World News 22.09

Russians have released 215 Azovstal defenders in the biggest prisoner swap as of yet, massive protests in Iran over the death of a young woman in police custody continue, and Ukraine dominates the meeting of the UN General Assembly. This and much more are in the Thursday edition of World News.

Defenders of Azovstal freed

The biggest prisoner swap of the Ukraine war. Russia released 215 people from captivity in exchange for former pro-Russian Ukrainian MP Victor Medvedchuk and others.

Russian Exodus

Following a series of setbacks in eastern Ukraine, Vladimir Putin announced a “partial mobilisation” in Russia. This has sent the country into turmoil. Many fear being called up and try escaping abroad. Others have taken to the streets to protest the new regulations.

Report from the frontline

While the recently liberated city of Kupiansk has become the epicentre of fighting, its inhabitants have found themselves in dire need of aid. TVP World’s correspondent, Don Arleth, was there accompanying a humanitarian mission and reports on young volunteers risking their lives to help others.

Protests in Tehran

Protests continue in Iran following the death of a young woman while in the custody of the so-called morality police. In an attempt to curb the snowballing protests, the Iranian government decided to shut off internet access in the capital.

United Nations in Gridlocked. Again

This year's UN General Assembly in New York has been overshadowed by one topic: the war in Ukraine. World leaders declared their uniform support for the war-torn country. Still, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has attempted to flip the narrative and put the blame on Ukraine and the West.

Polish President at UN General Assembly

Polish President Andrzej Duda reaffirmed his country’s unwavering support for Ukraine. He also firmly rejected the sham referendums that the Russians are aiming to hold in Ukraine’s occupied territories.

“Defending Freedom” conference in Tallinn

Freedom and self-determination are considered essential liberties across much of the globe. These rights resonate more than ever as the war in Ukraine rages on. The “Defending Freedom” conference is currently taking place in Tallinn, Estonia. Our correspondent Alexandra Sumlinska was there and here is her report.

Holocaust Survivor passes away

One of the last great men of the 20th century, Holocaust survivor Edward Mosberg, passed away. Throughout his extraordinary life, he actively promoted Polish-Jewish dialogue.

A new Olympic sport?

The Olympic Games in 2028 could include a new sport: the obstacle race. If it gets the final nod it will replace the equestrian component in the pentathlon.

World News’ guest

Some say that Russia is not a country but a state of mind. As the war in Ukraine continues to ravage thousands of lives, understanding Vladimir Putin and his rule is more important than ever. Andrii Osadchuk, Ukrainian Member of Parliament, joined us to discuss this and other developments in Ukraine.