Legally, they are not binding: Ukrainian MP on Russian sham referendums

Since February 24, Ukraine has been bravely defending itself against Russian aggression. Moreover, over the last few weeks, the country has also launched an impressive counteroffensive in an effort to retake some of its lost territories.

This has prompted Russia to introduce some drastic measures.

To discuss these and their potential effect, we were joined by Ms Alona Shkrum, a member of the Ukrainian parliament.

“Legally, they do not exist,” she said, referring to Russia's plans of conducting referendums on joining the country on Ukrainian territories occupied by it.

“There is no way for any referendum to be held when there are military people [on the territories], when there are Russian soldiers killing civilians,” she argued

“They [the referendums] will not change anything for us. We will keep fighting for our freedom, our lives and our country,” Ms Shkrum stressed.