‘Brotherhood’: Hungarian FM on relations with Poland

We consider it a brotherhood, Péter Szijjártó, the Foreign Minister of Hungary, told TVP World on Tuesday, when asked about the long-lasting relationship between his country and Poland.

“We have so many common points in history and common fights for a good cause, we have helped each other on so many occasions,” he pointed out.

As the official noted, both countries also liberated themselves from the communist grip in the same period of time.

“We are always happy when Poles are successful and we are always there when Poles are in need,” Mr Szijjártó emphasised.

Asked about the differences between Poland and Hungary, such as the recent dispute over Budapest still importing resources from Russia, he stressed that those kinds of issues should be discussed “cold-headed”.

“It is a basic principle of ours [politicians] to prevent a situation when the Hungarian people would be forced to pay the price of the war [by paying more for energy],” he said.

To learn more about the current Polish-Hungarian relations and the Minister’s take on them, watch the full interview above.