TVP-produced film honoured at Polish Film Festival

Michał Kwieciński, Photo: PAP

The TVP-produced film ‘Filip’ was honoured at the 47th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. Silver Lions were awarded to its director Michał Kwieciński and producer Krystyna Świeca.

“On behalf of the producer, Polish Television, I am very grateful that the film “Filip” has been noticed and appreciated,” Krystyna Świeca said.

“It would not have been made had it not been for the determination of the screenwriter and director Michał Kwieciński, who has carried this film in his heart for many years, and the intuition of Mateusz Matyszkowicz, head of TVP, who believed in this courageous project and supported it at every stage of its production,” she added.

“Filip” is a story of a Polish Jew who manages to escape the Warsaw Ghetto and starts life in Frankfurt - the heart of Nazi Germany. The title role is played by Erik Kulm junior.

After the premiere screening, Michał Kwieciński said that although the film takes place during WWII, its most important theme is the title character’s struggle with his tragic experiences.

“I would not like this film to be seen as a war drama, but as a drama of manners in a war setting. Suddenly someone becomes an orphan, they have no one, so it is a situation of a very lonely person and you have to somehow cope with that and with these demons that haunt these people every day. This is the story of a universal man abandoned by everyone,” he explained.

“The wartime reality in which the eponymous Filip finds himself shows the omnipresent loneliness,” the director added.

“It shows Germans who are fed up with the war. German women who cry to their husbands and families who do not know what to do with themselves because they are lonely. So it is a study of many lonely people knocked out of their calm, well-being situation by a war-type situation,” Mr Kwieciński emphasised.

The awards were presented at Saturday’s gala at the Musical Theatre in Gdynia.