TVP kicks off ‘Talents: Ukraine!’ competition for Ukrainian filmmakers

Photo: TVP World

Poland’s public broadcaster TVP has launched the “Talents: Ukraine!” competition giving an opportunity to Ukrainian filmmakers to unleash their creative energies, keep their skills sharp and chance to win the main award in the form of cash.

The Ukrainian audiovisual sector is in dire straits owing to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Bearing this fact in mind, and being aware of the creative potential of Ukrainians, TVP has launched a competition called “Talents: Ukraine!” for the best TV series script. Being part of the 2nd edition of the Heart of Europe International Television Festival, the competition is addressed to authors from Ukraine.

“I believe there are dozens of stories worth telling that both Polish and Ukrainian viewers will find attractive – stories intertwining the fates of Poles and Ukrainians on the screen, just as they are intertwined today at every step in the reality around us,” said Marek Solon-Lipiński, TVP’s international cooperation director.

“I see many Ukrainians full of ideas but lacking resources and support to fulfil their projects these days,” Mr Solon-Lipiński reflected. “As Ukraine is going through the fight for democracy and freedom, defending the shared values and common European security, I see the country as the World’s capital of great stories – stories that need to be told right now.”

Yaroslav Lodygin, an accomplished Ukrainian author, director and screenwriter said that “thanks to this initiative, Ukrainian authors have an opportunity to demonstrate their ideas in a bid to create a narrative that would fascinate countries and continents alike. Poles and Ukrainians are destined to understand each other better, and TV series are the best tool to make it happen.”

“Organised by Polish Television [TVP], the ‘Talents: Ukraine!’ contest will help enrich its programme with new quality that works of talented authors from Ukraine demonstrate,” Mr Solon-Lipiński said, stressing that the dire conditions in Ukraine, entailed by the Russian invasion, effectively hampered the work of people in the film industry.

We are convinced that our venture will prove valuable and conducive to the creation of new content not only for TVP,” he said, adding that “in the long run, it will also enrich the entire European audiovisual market. Series by Ukrainian creators have already proven themselves more than once in Poland and in many countries in our region.”

The “Talents: Ukraine!” calls for TV series scripts. To participate in the contest, participants will be required to be aged 18 or older and have Ukrainian citizenship. The winners of the competition for the best TV series will be awarded cash prizes. In addition, the winning scripts, selected by the “Talents: Ukraine!” jury, will be submitted for further development and production by TVP.

Draft scripts can be submitted to: by October 7, 2022. Only scripts translated into Polish can be submitted to the competition.

For more details and the conditions, see the “Talents: Ukraine!” section on .

The "Talents: Ukraine!" screenwriting competition is organised as part of the 2nd edition of the Heart of Europe International Television Festival. The festival is a review of the work of public broadcasters in Central and Eastern Europe. This year's edition of the festival will be attended by filmmakers and broadcasters from 14 countries: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria, who are submitting their best productions in six categories for the competition.

The program for this year's Heart of Europe festival on November 14-17, 2022 will include a Co-Production Forum – an event for creators, producers and industry experts designed to establish co-production and commercial cooperation within Central and Eastern Europe. Simultaneously to the call for projects for the “Talents: Ukraine!” competition, there is an open call for applications for the Co-production Forum, which will include pitchings of feature films, feature series and documentaries at various stages of production.