Germany’s position not fair towards Ukraine: Polish diplomat

On the 204th day of the Russian invasion, Ukraine’s counteroffensive operation is still bringing a lot of success. To talk about Germany’s policies and its reserved attitude towards Ukraine in the past few months TVP World invited Jan Piekło, former Polish Ambassador to Ukraine.

According to Jan Piekło Germany’s position of not giving tanks to Ukraine, unless all other countries do the same, is not a fair position as other countries, like the US, the UK and Poland are already delivering tanks, heavy artillery and more.

He added that there is a division within the German government as the country’s chancellor has a different position on Ukraine than Germany’s foreign minister.

Mr Piekło also pointed out that Polish-German relations are not on the best of terms, because of the request for reparations and Poland’s strong support for Ukraine. However, the trade between Germany and Poland is much larger than that between Germany and Russia, which should make those relations stronger.