Elizabeth II knew friendships and alliances had to replace empires: UK journalist

TVP World’s David Kennedy was in Karpacz where he spoke with David Maddox, Political Editor for The Express, about the passing of the British monarch.

Mr Maddox first explained what will happen in the upcoming days following the death of Her Majesty Elizabeth II. Naturally, there will be a period of mourning. It will last 10 days, but apart from giving the Queen’s subjects time to mourn their sovereign and reflect on her legacy, it will also have a political aspect. The Parliament will go into recess, the period of mourning for the PMs and the Lords called The Debate, when the lawmakers will have a chance to pay their respects.

Among other matters discussed by Mr Maddox: what awaits the new King, Charles, and is he prepared for his new role; Elizabeth II political impact and legacy; and what was the public image of the Queen and what was she like to meet in person?