TVP-produced and co-produced movies at Prix Europa and Golden Prague

"Marusarz" press materials. Photo: TVP

Polish public broadcaster TVP’s feature film “Marusarz: Tatra Eagle” (“Marusarz – Tatrzański orzeł”) and two TVP co-produced documentaries “Lebanon. Explosion of Anger” (“Liban. Wybuch gniewu”) and “Chopin: I Am Not Afraid of Darkness” (“Chopin. Nie boję się ciemności”) were among the nominees of two prestigious international television production festivals Prix Europa and Golden Prague.

The feature film produced by TVP entitled “Marusarz: Tatra Eagle”, directed by Marek Bukowski, has won a nomination in the European competition of television, radio and Internet productions Prix Europa 2022 in the “TV Fiction” category. The film tells the life story of the legendary Polish ski jumper Stanisław Marusarz, whose phenomenal career was interrupted by the Second World War.

The Polish “king of skis”, before the war a multiple Polish ski jumping champion and runner-up in Lahti in 1938, was a courier of the Underground State during the war. He became famous as the hero of one of the most famous escapes from the German Nazi Gestapo prison in Kraków. The film, which premiered in 2021, stars, among others: Mateusz Janicki (in the title role), Marta Wisniewska (in the role of Marusarz's sister Helena, later a talented skier, a participant in the Resistance Movement, murdered by the Nazis in 1941), Mateusz Bożek, Janka Cholewa and Robert Czebotar.

Lebanon. Explosion of Anger

Another Polish work recognised in the Prix Europa 2022 competition is the documentary “Lebanon. Explosion of Anger”, directed by Krzysztof Dzięciołowski, nominated in the “Television Documentary Film” category.

The movie depicts the situation in Lebanon, which found itself on the brink of economic and political collapse. The starting point of the story is a major disaster – a chemical explosion in Beirut in the summer of 2020, which destroyed half the city and killed and injured hundreds of people. The explosion is the culmination of chronic political chaos, corruption and crisis that has taken over the country. The film was co-produced by TVP and Vision House Productions.

Chopin: I Am Not Afraid of Darkness

The documentary film “Chopin: I Am Not Afraid of Darkness”, directed by Joanna Kaczmarek, was nominated in the “Documentary Programme” category of the 59th Golden Prague International Television Festival. The documentary weaves together the stories of three outstanding pianists, Polish Leszek Możdżer, Korean Won Jae-Yeon and Syrian immigrant, half Polish Fares, who, apart from their passion for Chopin's music, are united by the difficult historical experiences of the countries they come from.

The protagonists are preparing for special concerts in places historically marked by humanity's greatest sufferings: at the former German Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz Birkenau, near the border with dictatorial North Korea and in the centre of Beirut, just after the explosion at the port there. These are places that need healing. The music that will resonate there is not only meant to cross borders between cultures, but also to heal wounds.

The film was produced by InbornMedia and Play Button Media in co-production with TVP, the National Cultural Centre and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

Golden Prague is an internationally acclaimed festival, organised by Czech public television and devoted entirely to television productions with artistic themes.

The festival enjoys a worldwide reputation as an annual meeting place for the television industry, where experts and audiences have the opportunity to experience the best dance, theatre and music documentaries, recordings of concerts and stage productions, as well as meet directors, producers, actors, singers and dancers in person. This year will mark the 59th edition of the festival.

Prix Europa is an important competition for European television, radio and Internet productions. It has existed since 1987. This year's Prix Europa competition will take place from 23-29 October in Potsdam.